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Biometrical Criminal Clearance Check

A Biometrical Criminal Clearance Check, involves the use of biometric data to verify and identify individuals for possible criminal records.

Background Checks

A background check is a process of investigating and verifying an individual's history, typically for employment, housing, or other purposes. It involves gathering information from various sources to assess the person's credibility.

Risk Surveys

A risk survey is a systematic process of assessing and evaluating potential risks within a specific context, such as business operations, projects, or personal activities. The primary goal of a risk survey is to identify, analyze, and understand potential threats or uncertainties in your house / company.

Expungement of Criminal Record

Expungement is a legal process that allows for the removal or sealing of a person's criminal records, essentially making them inaccessible to the public. The specific details and eligibility criteria for expungement vary by jurisdiction, but the general purpose is to give individuals a fresh start by erasing or concealing certain past criminal convictions.

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Jacques Booysen, CEO SSM SA


SSM SA is an accredited reseller of AFISwitch (Pty) Ltd

“In October 2006, AFISwitch (Pty) Ltd proudly secured the contract to operate the cutting-edge AFISwitch (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) for the South African Police Services. Acting as a seamless automated checking service, AFISwitch establishes an electronic information bridge between the CRC (Criminal Record Centre) in Pretoria and itself. Unlock the power of precision as AFIS conducts searches for criminal records by leveraging fingerprints directly from the database, providing a fortified defense against identity fraud. Trust SSM SA / AFISwitch for unparalleled accuracy and security in your screening processes.”